On Tuesday, June 30, El Paso City Council unanimously approved the master plan for the 92-acre Eastside Regional Park, which will be located near Montana Avenue and Hueco Club Road.

"The plan that was approved is the result of months of interactive meetings with stakeholders and the community" said Fred Lopez, Capital Improvement Program Department Director, "And now we can begin the task of overseeing the design of what will be one of El Paso's largest parks once it's constructed."

Development of the entire 92-acre site will take many years. To ensure the site is developed in an orderly, efficient, and cost-effective manner, the city will be phasing in the design and construction of the master plan over a period of time.

 The first phase will include amenities such as a competition ready indoor 50-meter pool, one other recreational pool, a splash pad, a lazy river, a rock climbing wall, a recreational center, a parking lot, landscaping and the development of the associated streets for the project. The second design phase will consist of fields and associated infrastructure. Both phases are funded by the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds which allocated $48 million to the project.

The third phase of design includes the long-term vision for the park's future. Design and construction of the third phase amenities would occur over time if future funding is available.

 When it's completed, Eastside Regional Park will be approximately twice as big as Eastwood (Album) Park, three times as big as Marty Robbins Park, and about four times as big as Yucca Park.  Development of Eastside Regional Park is part of the City's commitment to enhance El Paso's quality of life through recreational, cultural and educational environments.

​Below is the Master Plan and the Appendices for the East Side Regional Park.